5 Best Pike Lures For Catching Larger Fish

Big fish are not easy to catch and need a special lure.

Pike lures are a great way to catch larger fish.

Pike is a big fish that can live in water from freezing to very warm. These fish have a high metabolic rate and prefer feeding on smaller prey, so they need the right tackle for catching them. Pike fishing is a fun activity for anyone who loves fishing.

To catch pike, you will need quality pike lures like slow jigging spoons and other traditional lures. With the same lures, you can also catch larger fish.

But not all pike lures are created equal. For example, the top pike lure for catching large game fish can vary from fly fishing lures to spinners, but one thing remains the same: all of them will lure in large, hungry fish.

5 Best Pike Lures For Catching Larger Fish

Best Pike Lures Buying Guide


Price is an important factor when deciding on pike lures for catching large fish.

On average, pike lures are priced around $10. You should try to find a suitable lure within this price range. The price could be a little bit more than the average if you want a quality lure with suitable features.

Handcrafted lures are usually very expensive as they are very detailed in design and much effective as a lure.


Check the material of the pike lure to ensure durability. Traditional pike lures are manufactured with wood, plastic, or metal. Sometimes the lure is made with the combination of all these three.


Checking the brand name is one of the easiest and fastest ways to ensure the quality of the product you are buying. Most renowned pike lure brands will at least guarantee you a minimum quality. So it’s wise to check the brand along with other features.

#1.    Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures Sinking Metal Spoons Micro Jigging Bait

This is one of the best-selling fish lures on amazon. The reason behind it being the best seller is logical. I mean why not? The high percentage it offers with catching because of its innovative design is quite remarkable.


  1. Vivid Eyes and Rhombus Surface
  2. Jigging and Catching
  3. Outstanding Build Quality

Vivid Eyes and Rhombus Surface

This fish lure has vivid eyes to catch the attention of the big fish like bass and pike. The rhombus surface design attracts the fishes around it.

Jigging and Catching

Jigging is a type of fishing where the fish lure makes a jerky motion with its body and moves horizontally unlike some other spinnerbaits. This type of movement attract the big fishes around it, so it means much more chances to catch a fish.

It also gives you the flexibility to fish anywhere.

Outstanding Build Quality

Durability is a key feature of this fish lure. As it catches fish by jigging one should expect its lifespan to be shorter. But, that’s not the case with it. It can withstand any kind of attack and serve you for a long time.


  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Easy to attract big fish
  • Flexibility while fishing


  • The hook might be straightened out and may need replacing

#2.    Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog – Freshwater Fishing Lure

Lunker is a term used to indicate very large fishes. So, the name itself says what size of fish you are going to catch with it!

This realistic fish lure will surely be the solution for you. It’s shaped like a bullfrog which attracts fish like pike, bass, and muskies.


  1. Lifelike Activity
  2. Super Soft Body with Extra Hook
  3. Replicating the Action
  4. Lightweight and Easy To Use
  5. Variety of colors

Lifelike Activity

This fish lure is the most life-like fish lure in the market. Its color and design make it so much more realistic than other fishing lures.

Super Soft Body with Extra Hook

The material is so soft that it feels like an original frog. It also has a wide gap hook of 4/0 to ensure the fish caught in the bait. It increases higher hook-up percentages.

Replicating the Action

Its body drops down in the water perfectly like a frog. That’s why pikes and other fishes get confused with a real frog.

Lightweight and Easy To Use

This lure is very lightweight and only 2.5 inches. It can become up to 4.5 inches in the retrieve. Many customers like it because of its lightweight.

Variety of Colors

They have a variety of different colors for you. You can get a bullfrog, Croaker, Fire belly, Green, etc.


  • Realistic looking
  • Soft body and extra hook ensures that the fish get caught
  • Easily attracts big fish
  • Lightweight
  • Different colors to choose from


  • Doesn’t work very well in the grass

#3.    VTAVTA Bass Fishing Lures

When it’s about catching big fishes VTAVTA is one of the leading in the business. They offer you the best carbon steel hooks to work with. The whole thing comes with an insane level of durability with it. So, the jerking of big fish won’t affect its life.


  1. Flexibility
  2. Sharp hooks
  3. Bass vibration
  4. Long-range of choice


This fish lure is very flexible and can withstand the attack of big fish like pike and bass. So, you can expect a long life from your lure. It can support up to 28lb just to confirm my statement.

Sharp hooks

A fish lure should have sharp hooks to ensure the captivity of its target. It has two sharp treble hooks to start with which are suitable for both, fresh water and saltwater.

Bass vibration

It continuously vibrates and emits bass sound to provoke large fish to attack it. As a result, fishes like pike gets provoked and go for an attack on it.

Wide-range of Choice

If you choose to go with this lure, you can be sure of getting lots of fish of different species like pike, muskie, roach, etc.


  • Flexible enough to withstand attacks from big fish like pike
  • Sharp hooks ensure catching the fish
  • The vibration attracts fish
  • Can catch different species of fish


  • The rear treble hook gets looped up on the tail and had to be related

#4.     DAMIDEL 4 Pcs Large Simulation Squid Fishing Lures


  1. Simulated Design
  2. Wide Range of Target
  3. Efficient
  4. Eppinger Daredevil Spoon
  5. Easy For Beginners
  6. Color Availability

With a 3D holographic eye, this fish lure definitely should be encouraged to go with.

Its colorful flaps and eyes are designed to catch the eyes of the fish!

Simulated Design

This fish lure is designed like a squid in the water. It’s designed so wonderfully that fish will make an aim for it for sure. The holographic eye I mentioned earlier combined with life-like squid skin and eye-catching colors makes it attractive.

Wide Range of Target

The advantage of this type of lure is you can expect any kind of species in your journey. Fish like tuna, pike, yellow perch, and whatnot!


It has two sharp treble hooks to make sure your fish will remain with your line forever. Its design is also very durable to work with. When it hits the water the vibration it makes is exact to what a squid will make.

Eppinger Daredevil Spoon

This simple but very effective fish lure has helped so many anglers in their journey.

If you get a first look at it, you’ll ask how is it so special! But the fact is it has helped so many anglers around the globe in catching pike is quite astonishing.

Easy For Beginners

Many experts say the best fish lure to start with is one of these spoon-headed fish lures. So, for beginners, this fish lure can be handy to start the journey as an angler.

This fish lure is very easy to cast and retrieve. So, beginners should make a ran with it.

Color Availability

You can get the squid lure in 4 different colors.


  • Can catch various kinds of fish
  • Durable
  • Vibrates like a real squid
  • Easy for newcomers
  • There are 4 colors to choose from


  • Lightweight and can’t be used for long casting

#5.    Spinnerbaits Lure Fishing Tackle Kits


  1. Lifelike movement
  2. Compatibility
  3. Natural Design
  4. Set of Three
  5. Flexible
  6. Long Lifespan

Fishermen and anglers around the world expect to catch a lot of fish. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a competition or hobby. The day you go out as an angler, you should expect a lot of fish. If you want a premium fish lure for you, spinnerbait should be the only option for you.

Lifelike Movement

This fish lure moves like a natural fish. The bright and detailed body will surely attract the big giants in the water.


This feature is sure to look out for. An angler can do his fishing in boats or lake fishing. This fish lure can work in any kind of situation. This makes it easy for you to catch big fishes without any ease.

Natural Design

It has the 3D eye to lure the fish around it. The body of this fish lure is divided into eight parts and the design ensures S-shaped swimming to make it look natural.

Comes In a Set of Three

It comes with a set of three which increases the chance of catching a fish.

Flexible and Long Lifespan

Flexible materials and wit hooks give it a long lifespan and a high percentage of hook up.


  • Longer lifespan
  • Flexible materials
  • Natural design and lifelike movement
  • Work in various situations


  • Doesn’t look realistic

Final Verdict

There are many lures to choose from when it comes to catching large fish.

To make it easier for you, we have already reviewed and chosen the 5 best pike lures for catching larger fish. But even among the chosen, we have a chosen one.

We especially recommend Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures for you to use when catching larger fish. This one is one of the hot favorite lures in Amazon. Most buyers also reviewed it positively.

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