Best Abu Garcia Black Max Combo Review (2022)

Today we are going to talk about Abu Garcia Black Max Combo, which is very inexpensive. But I tell you, it works almost as well as your 200/300$ reels.

The more money you spend on reels and rods, the better you get in fishing, right? Actually no! You need good fishing gear, not expensive ones. And good fishing gear can be inexpensive.

And that’s what we are going to talk about tonight. 

So how good Abu Garcia Max Black actually is? Is it worth your money? And should you buy it?  

Power and Durability

This combo delivers far more than what you can ask for at this price point. It is powerful and has exceptional sensitivity. 

As for the durability or longevity of this combo, you have nothing to worry about. Although it comes at a very affordable price, that does not make it fragile or less durable than others. You will be amazed when you go fish with this and hook large bass or trout with ease. Even after years of use, it works perfectly fine.

The reel is pretty lightweight and sleek. And as for the rod, it’s graphite. 

Abu Garcia Black Max Combo -
Abu Garcia Black Max Combo –
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4 stainless steel ball-bearing

The reel comes with a 4 stainless steel ball-bearing. And another 1 bearing is there for effortless casting and retrieving. The casting is flawless, it is as smooth as it can get. Trust me, had I give you the reel and tell you that it costs as much as 300$, you would believe it with no argument. Yes, it is that good. 

There is almost no backlash when you are retrieving. You will get your job done decently.      

Who should buy Abu Garcia Black Max Combo

If you’ve just started fishing, you should not buy any high-end rods or reels. Because, to be accurate, you won’t feel the difference between an average one and a high-end combo. However, that’s particularly why this is the right choice for you if you are a novice.

Now, the next question is, should you avoid this if you are not a beginner. Or in other words, if you are an experienced angler, should you buy it or not.

Abu Garcia Max Black Combo is a great option for almost everyone. Especially for those who are learning how to cast, this one is the ideal option. As you will have a flawless experience with this combo. 

And as for the experienced anglers out there, I am pretty sure you have heard of this combo already. Though you will not get the premium experience with it, give it a try. You will be able amazed at how well this rod and reel combo performs. If you are looking for a great value for money rod and reel combo, this is the one.

The Rod

Abu Garcia Black Max Combo
Abu Garcia Black Max Combo
Check Price at Amazon

The rod that comes with this combo, is not as great as the reel is. But it is a little better than average. Most of the people won’t even feel the quality gap between the reel and the rod though. You will fish with it just fine. It won’t break or anything. 

Just because they are not of the same quality as the reel, does not mean they are not usable or easily breakable. Even without this combo, they are a pretty good option to buy separately, considering the price

This combo comes with 3 different options. 6’6” medium 1PC, 6’6” medium 2PC, and 7’ medium heavy 1PC.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How much line does this reel hold?

Abu Garcia Max Black reel holds 150 yards of line.

Does it come with a left-handed retrieve?

No, this combo only has a right-handed retrieve option.

What pound monofilament should I use?

It can handle 10lb-20lb monofilament just fine. So as long as you are in that it’s alright. But I recommend 14lb mono. For fluorocarbon, use 20lb. And as for the braided line, 30lb is preferable.u003cbru003eDon’t use a braided line, go for either monofilament or fluorocarbon. 


Abu Garcia Max Black combo is not certainly for everyone. If you are in no shortage of budget and want a high-end experience, go for Lews. However, for the people searching for budget-friendly setups, this is a fishing combo from heaven. You will not get a better deal at this price range.

So if you are on a tight budget, but want decent performance, the Abu Garcia Black Max combo is the ideal choice for you. 

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