Best 5 Gallon Bucket Ice Fishing Rod Holder

It’s ice fishing season and with that comes a lot of gear to haul around. You have heard of five-gallon bucket rod organizers but you may not know which one is best for you. Having gear that can serve multiple purposes can save a lot of time and prevent your rods from getting tangled. 

To store your ice rods and gear you need something that:

  • Is easy to carry
  • Keeps rods secure to prevent tangling
  • Provides multiple pockets for storing lures and gear
  • Uses durable materials

The more gear you carry at one time the quicker you will be out on the ice enjoying peace and tranquility.

To learn about the best bucket-style ice fishing rod organizer to make your next expedition smoother continue reading.

Getting Your Gear to the Ice – Efficiency Equals Saved Energy

As stated at the beginning of this article, with ice fishing comes gear to haul around, for some more than others. But whether you are a fancy fisherman with all the bells and whistles or a simple old-schooler who is happy with a jig and a lawn chair you will still have some gear to lug.

It can make a big difference to the quality of your experience if are able to keep things organized in a way that is easy to transport. The fewer trips you have to make with your gear the more energy you will have when it comes time to drill those holes.

The next will compare two products that are popular among fishing folk whether on the ice or open water on the side of the river bank.

Why the Bucket Caddy is Better than the Fabrill Wrap-Around

Here we will give an overview of the two products so you can see what they have to offer and why you should choose the Bucket Caddy as your rod hauler.

Bucket Caddy from the Eskimo Store™

When it comes to organizing your ice fishing gear you can’t get much better than the Bucket Caddy. This convenient device is made to easily strap on to any five-gallon bucket with a simple snap of a clip.

This caddy is made from the highest quality materials for superior durability in rough conditions. Handy oversized pockets make storing extra lures and other miscellaneous items a breeze. The zippered pockets ensure you don’t accidentally lose your favorite lures or any other important gear.

Rod pockets with straps to prevent moving will ensure your gear arrives in one piece and is not tangled up. Loops, hooks, and straps make it easy to secure your pliers and other tools needed for a day of catching fish through the ice.

This quality device comes with two D-rings to hang accessories or a strap for carrying on your shoulder. For added comfort and convenience try using a five-gallon bucket that comes with a lid so you have something to sit on and don’t have to haul a separate chair to the ice. It is also possible to purchase a padded lid seat for extra comfort.

Frabill™ Wrap-Around Storage for 5 Gallon Bait Buckets

The Frabill wrap-around style organizer is a very basic version of the previously mentioned Bucket Caddy. Although this particular device will provide additional storage if you choose to take it fishing, it does not offer the same quality features.

The Frabill warp-around does not have zippered pockets which can mean that your gear can fall out and get lost. Comparatively, it does not have comfortable carrying handles either which means you will have to rely on the thin metal handle that generally comes standard on a five-gallon bucket.

If you wish to risk having your gear lost or tangled then this organizer is for you. However, if you want to be confident that your gear is secure and contained in one area the Bucket Caddy is the way to go.

Reviewing the Details

The following table gives an overview of why the Bucket Caddy is the best five-gallon ice fishing rod holder so you can see the clear difference between the competition.

Bucket Caddy (Advantages)Frabill Wrap-Around (Disadvantages)
Comes with high-quality padded handles for easy, comfortable carrying D-Rings for hanging accessories or a shoulder strap.  

Fits on any five-gallon bucket  

Made from high-quality materials  

Offers loops, hooks, and straps for securing tools

Oversized pockets with zippers to hold lures and other gear  

Pockets designed to hold rods with straps for secure transportation  

Provides a pocket specifically for storing your bait puck
Does not come with extra D-rings, straps, or hooks for rods and tools.  

Does not have a comfy padded handle for easy carrying   Looks inexpensively made.  

No specific pocket for bait pucks   Pockets are smaller and do not have zippers.

Continue reading to learn what to do with the rest of your ice fishing gear.

What to Do With the Gear That Won’t Fit in a Bucket

Rods and bait aren’t the only gear that you will have to haul when taking a trip to the ice; consider one of the following options to carry your auger, tilts, and other items that won’t fit into a five-gallon bucket.

Gear Hauling Sled

Keep it simple with a durable sled made from high-density plastic to withstand all terrains and weather conditions. This is a great way to carry your extra gear and save time so you can catch more fish.

Pro tip: With this style of sled it can be helpful to bring a tarp and some straps to keep your gear covered if the weather turns bad.

Gear Hauling Sled With Tent and Seats

For the ultimate ice fishing experience invest in this sled tent. It comes with seating and enough room for two to jig and get out of the weather. Not only can you haul your gear but you can stay warm and protected and get your feet off of the ice when

Quality Storage Option for an Optimal Fishing Expedition

As you can see, both products mentioned can get the job done, but the Bucket Caddy is a superior contender as it is designed with the ice fisherman in mind. The quality materials and ease of use will make you glad you got organized because now you can enjoy more time fishing and less time carrying gear back and forth.

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