Best Flipping Rod Under $200

Below we have seven of the best flipping rods under $200. Read on to find out what they are and what makes them a great purchase.

If you are interested in learning how to fish or in teaching someone else how to fish, bass fishing is an excellent place to start to build confidence. Not only can bass be found in just about any source of water but catching them is fun and much easier than most other types of fish as they are attracted to a variety of baits.

As with any other type of fishing, there are a couple of things that are important for you to have. One of those is a flipping rod which will give you the ability to cover a lot of water but do so quietly so as not to scare any of the fish away. If you are working within a more limited budget, then do not worry.

Best Flipping Rod Under $200

What Are the Best Flipping Rods Under $200?

Choosing the right fishing rod and staying within a budget may seem like a daunting task, but to simplify the choice we have narrowed it down to seven which both work great and stay within the budget. They include the following:

Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod

The Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod falls well within budget at $50, which can leave you with extra money for any other tools or bait you might need. It has a beautiful, sleek appearance and its other great features include such things as:

  • Texas rigged hook keeper. This works on a variety of types and sizes of bait.
  • High-density EVA and stainless-steel guides. This material ensures that the rod is both comfortable but also durable.

Dobyns Rods Sierra Series 7’6” Casting Bass Fishing Rod

This Dobyns rod is a little more expensive but still falls within budget at $190. It is made with graphite and is black and sage green in color. Some of its other stand out features include:

  • A light build. It is built in such a way that it is easy to carry and maneuver no matter how long you are out fishing.
  • A balanced rod. Having a balanced rod ensures sensitivity so you know instantly when you have a fish on the line. It also ensures accuracy and that your line lands where you want it to.

Lews Fishing Laser SG1 Graphite Speed Stick Casting Rod

The Lews rod meets price requirements, at a mere $84. An attractive appearance of tan and black, its other features include:

  • A lightweight cork handle. The cork handle provides increased sensitivity so you know immediately when there is a fish on the line.
  • Heavy power. Great for a big or strong fish.

Lews Speed Stick 7’4”-1 Heavy Pitchin/Frog Casting Rod

The Speed Stick not only falls within budget at $90, but Amazon also has an option where you can make the payment in three installments if necessary. Some of its other features include:

  • A graphite skeletal reel seat and graphite blanks. This ensures a lightweight feel that will not get uncomfortable or be difficult to maneuver or use.
  • A no foul hook keeper. This will ensure that your rod does not get scratched up by the hook while also ensuring that you do not lose your hook.

St. Croix Rods Mojo Bass Casting Rod, MJC

The St Croix rod is a black cherry metallic color and costs $140. It also has many great features including:

  • A split grip. This lessens the likelihood that the rod will slip out of your grasp.
  • It is made out of a premium SCII carbon rod. This gives the rod extra strength and durability.

Lew’s American Hero Speed Stick 7’6” Heavy Flipping Casting Rod

At just $90, the American Hero Speed Stick is made of a blend of materials for increased strength and durability. It also includes

  • A split grip handle for better grip.
  • A graphite skeletal reel set. The increased strength works well if you are fishing in an area with lots of reeds brush and lily pads.

Lew’s TP1X Speed Stick 7’6”-1 HVY Flipping/A Rig Casting Rod

This Lew’s Casting rod falls in the budget at $120. Uniquely colored blue and white, it also has other great features such as:

  • Split grip EVA handles. This ensures a secure grip, no matter where you are fishing.
  • A rear locking reel seat. This makes the rod longer, so you’ll be able to cover more area while you are fishing.

6 Best Flipping Rods Under $200


Bass fishing is a great starting point for any beginner, who needs to build confidence in their fishing abilities. To be successful, it is important to have a quality flipping rod. However, it can be hard to find a quality rod for a reasonable price. If you are also looking for kids rods we have a great buyers guide to help you choose.

There are seven great options for flipping rods which range from $50 to just under $190. Many of them boast split grip handles and are built from sturdy materials ranging from graphite to SCII carbon rods. Almost all of them are lightweight, ensuring that you do not get worn out during long fishing days. Whichever one you choose you can be sure that you will get a quality flipping rod that falls within your budget.

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