10 Best Ice Fishing Boots For The Money In 2022

Ice fishing has become a prevalent and relaxing pastime for millions of people across the world. Ice fishing can remind you how little life’s problems are. It can help you to relax and to do something new. 

Best Ice Fishing Boots
Best Ice Fishing Boots

Earl Dribbles Jr. said-

“When nothing is going right 

Just go fishing.”

-Earl Dribbles Jr.

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Newton Ridge Plus Ii


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If you love ice fishing you would know how much importance your fishing boot has. Ice fishing is one of the chilliest past time. So, your toes need to feel comfortable as much you should.

You shouldn’t choose regular hiking boots or other sports shoes for ice fishing! We have lined up some incredibly comfortable and useful shoes for you from the top-rated options on Amazon. 

1. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat Boot Snow Boot

Ice fishing demands a lightweight pair of shoes with great traction on ice and snow. These features match with the Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus IV Omni-Heat Boot Snow Boots.

These boots are very dependable to use as it’s wonderfully engineered to work in all conditions. PU leather is split leather that is laminated with a polyurethane coating. This coating gives the boots a premium look. 

This boot also has a patented thermal-reflective lining which serves as deep insulation. This helps the boot to keep warm even on the coldest of days!

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Fabric quality- Pure leather/Nylon

Sole material- rubber.

Shaft height- 7 inches.

Available color- Phoenix blue, black, Cordovan, Dark Adobe.

Pricing- $111-349. (Prices may vary according to your size)

Temperature ratings- Rated to use in almost -32° temperature. 


  • These boots are waterproof which is very important for ice fishing.
  • Lightweight. 
  • Great traction which helps to maintain balance on slippery ice.
  • Omni-tech- Omni technology is air-permeable protection that is used for waterproofing. This technology helps to keep your feet free of dust, ice, water, and other elements. But, it also has breathing space for your feet to relax and feel comfortable. 
  • The leather is meant to be waterproof so they used 200g of the insulator to keep your feet dry, warm, and clean.
  • Very durable, long-lasting, and quality. 


  • Because of Omni Heat technology, these boots are very warm. So, if you are looking for boots that you can use throughout the year, you better avoid these.
  • If you are more of a fashion guy then these boots may fail to impress you. They have a technical and hiking based look which may not please your fashion taste.
  • They used a flat insole which is not a great match for boots with high arches.

2. Kamik Men’s Icebreaker Cold Weather Boot

Kamik’s icebreaker boots are very famous for their traction, good use, and pleasing look. These boots won the “Editors Choice award” because of their amazing weather Protection.

The look, weather protection, traction makes it a solid contender for the best ice fishing boots. Kamik’s ice breaker is for extreme users.

If you want to go ice fishing in extreme conditions to enjoy the beauty of nature, these icebreakers will be best for you. 

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Fabric quality- 95% rubber, 5% nylon.

Sole material- synthetic.

Shaft height- 11.25 inches.

Available color- This boot comes with a only variant of colors. Brown/Khaki.

Pricing- $64-$118 (Prices may vary according to your size).


  • These boots have a unique lace closure system. This will help you to close the top of the boot around the calves. So, water, mud, ice can’t get in to decrease your comfort.
  • Kamik uses a full liner instead of an insole. This is very unique comparing to other choices of the market. The liner is very comfortable to step into on cold winter days.
  • It has very good traction with the surface. So, it doesn’t matter if you are on mud or on ice, these boots will give you the best fraction. You shouldn’t have to worry about maintaining balance, instead, you can explore your time and concentration in fishing.
  • These boots are very stylish and fashionable to go with. The look of an icebreaker is very convenient for your workwear, or you can wear them with your jeans too!


  • The thin rubber of the outside half of the boots sometimes jams in the heels if you lean too far back in your shoes. 
  • These boots may not feel very well if you use them in ice cold water. These boots are obviously waterproof. But, if you use them in ice cold water you fight feel cold as the liner isn’t thick enough to absorb the cold.
  • The insoles are not replaceable which makes it’s lifetime short. If the insole is harmed there is nothing much left to use for. 

3. Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Boot Cold-Weather M

These high tech snow boots have a very good record for their lightweight and durability.

Greenbay uses a waterproof nylon shell and a lace-lock snow collar to keep warmth inside. These boots are very user friendly and easy to use. 

It will be a great choice for you if you want to use them comfortably in firm snow. The water-resistance and the comfort it provides are very tough to say no to when you are looking for ice fishing boots! 

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Fabric quality- 600 denier nylon.

Sole material- Synthetic rubber.

Shaft height- 13 inches.

Available color- Black.

Pricing- $60-$129  (Prices may vary according to your size).


  • These boots are 100% waterproof. This helps you to fish in the ice with comfort. You won’t have to worry about water coggling in your boots.
  • The grips of these Greenbay boots are really amazing! The large rubber sole has a lot of areas that help them to stick to the surface. This will serve you greatly on the iced and snowy surface. 
  • Considering the price tag of these shows I found it incredibly cheap than its other contenders. At this price, you may not find a better choice of traction, warmth, and good look.
  • Kamik Men’s Greenbay can keep you warm in minus forty Fahrenheit temperature too! 
  • It has an adjustable velcro strap that serves to waterproof the boots.


  • These boots can’t quite match the traction level of other contenders if you compare them. But, still it will give you a firm grip on the icy surface or in snowy conditions.
  • These boots are super comfy and warm. But because of its loose and roomy fit, I won’t recommend it for hiking. But you can use them surely for ice fishing and for regular usage in cold icy weather.

4. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Ii Waterproof Hiking Boot Shoe (AMAZON #1 Best Seller)

The Columbia men’s newton ridge plus boots are the best companions you should choose for your hiking and ice fishing experience.

This boot offers you comfort and durability altogether.

These boots are very lightweight. Columbia’s signature technology is that they ensure high-quality protection.

This technology keeps your boots free of earthly elements to enter and make you uncomfortable.

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Fabric quality- Leather/ Suede/ Mesh.

Sole material- Rubber.

Shaft height- 5 inches.

Available color- Black, Brown, Peach.

Pricing- $63-$222  (Prices may vary according to your size)


These boots have comfortable waterproof full grain leather. This increases the durability of the shoes with mesh tongue which helps to increase the breathibility.

These newton ridge plus uses lace-up closure. This helps to adjust the boots and ensure a perfect fit to your feet.

The color combination of these boots are very stylish. With the mesh exterior, the boots get a very unique look. It compliments your whole outlook and brings the best look out of you.

Omni-grip ensures the best grip for you in slippery surfaces like ice and mud. So, you won’t have to worry about your balance.  

The lightweight midsole serves you long lasting comfort. The super cushioning feature helps to absorb any kind of impact on the boots to keep you unharmed.


Because of the shaft height it’s a bit tough to keep your boots dry. It also enables water to entering the boots. So, if you are fishing in a watery surface then you’ll have to be a bit careful using these boots.

These boots are not durable comparing to it’s contenders. It’s not a high performance boot. So, if you use them for high performance you may find issues with it’s durability.

The boots are water resistant. But because of the materials used in it and the mesh exterior, it takes a lot of time to get dried. This boot gets frozen in higher temperatures than other boots.

5. Kamik Men’s Hunter Snow Boot (AMAZON #1 Best Seller)

These shoes happen to be the Amazon bestseller boots.

No doubt why they are the favorite among the customers.

These boots are designed for snowy and rainy weather. 

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Fabric quality- 95% rubber, 5% nylon.

Sole material- Synthetic. 

Shaft height- Mid-calf.

Available color- Khaki, Black.

Pricing- $53-$125 (Prices may vary according to your size)


  • These boots will easily comfort you in extreme temperatures like -40° degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • These boots are 100% waterproof. They are built to resist water. These boots will save you from water, ice, mud, and even acid!
  • They are made from synthetic rubber with an adjustable nylon collar. Also, they have an 8mm thermal guard. This is a two-step layer that helps the boots to keep the moisture away and absorb the body heat.
  • You can also use them in the warm weather s too! Just remove the liner, your boots won’t be that warm. But they will remain 100% water-resistant and durable.
  • This hunter snow boot uses an 8mm removable thermal guard liner. These liners are 100% recycled. So, if you are looking for an environment-friendly pair of boots then this can be your go-to solution.


  • Many customers found a problem of tearing after using it for too long. Though the issue is very substantial.
  • Liner changes the boot’s size. So, if you remove the liner than you’ll find the boots bugger than your actual size. This often create problem as you won’t want your shoes to be oversized.
  • Lack of laces can be very annoying when you’ll remove the liner. 
  • Another common issue of these boots are that the heels can wear down after using it for around 4-5 years. Though, 4-5 year is quite satisfactory lifetime for a pair of boots, but many user may find it dissatisfactory. 

6. SOREL – Women’s Caribou Waterproof Boot for Winter

If you are looking for a stylish yet practical boot for your ice fishing journey Sorel’s Caribou may be the perfect match for it.

It is one of the finest ice fishing boots that are available right now. 

The caribou boots are considered to be legendary because of their durability. You can easily use them for more than ten years!

These boots also have the capability to keep your feet warm even at -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Fabric quality- 100% full grain leather and suede.

Sole material- Rubber.

Shaft height- 9.5 inches.

Available color- Black/ Buff/ Shale / Grey 

Pricing- $113-$311  (Prices may vary according to your size)


  • They used nubuck leather in it. This leather is well known for its waterproof capability. It also has a seam-sealed waterproof management system which will surely keep your feet dry, warm, and ice-free.
  • It has a removable 9mm washable inner boot that will serve you extra warmth. 
  • A 2.5 mm frost plug in the midsole gives it the extra insulator to keep the boot warm even in the coldest of weather. 
  • The rubber shell is handcrafted and with an aero track, non-loading sole gives an amazing grip on slippery surfaces.
  • These boots are the most durable ones you can expect to have! The liners will last more than 5-15 years depending on your usage. But, the liners are also replaceable. You can find a new liner in the $25-35$ range.


  • The caribou is a winner in every segment of ice fishing boots needs. But, the main drawback of it is the weight. Because of the amount of insulator they provide, the weight of the boots can be heavy for some people. 

07. Kamik Men’s Nationplus Snow Boot

Kamik Men’s Nationplus Snow Boot is a conventional PAC boot.

Pac boot means it should have an inner liner as an insulator and a waterproof outer. This design has become a pioneer in the field of winter boots. 

Kamik’s nationplus boots are one step ahead of any other boots in the question of warmth and comfort. It’s a very traditional boot made of sealskin. 

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Fabric quality- 100% leather.

Sole material- Rubber.

Shaft height-  Mid calf.

Available color- Dark brown, Black, Navy, Olive, Charcoal, Tan, Brown, and Black Camo.

Pricing- $59-$182 (Prices may vary according to your size)


  • Kamik serves you with 100% results in every field. They use 100% leather to ensure you the warmth and comfort in your feet in extreme cold. 
  • Kamik nation plus snow boat will keep you warm even in -40° Fahrenheit temperature.
  • These nationplus boots are more lighter and comfortable than any other competitor. 
  • Nationplus boots offer you a very secure fit and superior grip. It allows you to hike and to ice fish comfortably in the slippery ice.
  • The nationplus boots use 200 gm of Thinsulate insulation. But, it gives the comfort and warmth of boots that use more insulation.
  • There is a thick metallic lining in the sole that doesn’t allow the heat of your feet to transfer in the ice. As a result, you can stay warmer than before!
  • These boots are the real budget king of the market. If you want a premium pair of boots without paying a premium level price, Nationplus is the best you can get. It’s really admirable that kamik is serving boots of this quality within a low price range.


The nationplus boots aren’t quite the ideal boot for hiking. But, you can keep your feet warm and super comfortable while using them for ice fishing.

08. Bogs Men’s Classic High No Handle Waterproof Insulated Rain and Winter Snow Boot

The Bogs Men’s Classic is a rugged model that serves great durability, protection from mud, rain, ice, and other elements of nature.

This product has a very good insulation system that will help you to stay warm and chill even in -50 to -60 Fahrenheit.

Its incredible insulation helps you to choose them before anything else for ice fishing.

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Fabric quality-  100% Neoprene and rubber.

Sole material- Rubber.

Shaft height- 12 inches.

Available color- Black, Mossy oak, Green.

Pricing- $42-$267 (Prices may vary according to your size)


  • It will comfort you even at a temperature of -40° Fahrenheit.
  • It has a 9mm neo tech insulation that protects you from frosty weather. 
  • These Bog’s classic also has one of the best versatile treads on the market. In addition, it is one of the most comfortable ice fishing boots among the contenders. 
  • It has an antimicrobial odor protected insole which will keep your feet fresh and smell free no matter how long you’re wearing them.
  • They used 12 inches long shaft, to begin with. So, this can be a very good choice for you for ice fishing. The shaft will keep your feet free of water.
  • Because of the variety of lugs in the tread, these boots have very good traction on water, ice, or even in the mud. The grooves easily dig into the surface which gives you extra traction and balance.


  • These boots are specialized to use in cold weather. So, these boots won’t serve you greatly in the summer. Because of the warmth it serves, you will find it too humid and hot in the summer.
  • These bog’s classic Isn’t quite fashionable. The shaft is quite high and for it’s monochrome color these are not too recommendable for a fashionable outlook.

09. Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Snow Boot

These boots are famous for their durability and build quality. The amazing neoprene rubber and the cushioned midsole will surely impress you.

Since you are buying them for ice fishing you’ll want to feel safe wearing them on water. Let me assure you, you’ll feel more than comfortable. You may also feel invincible wearing these!

These camouflage hunting style boots can be advisable for you because of their waterproofness, fleece lining, and padded sole.

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Fabric quality-  Neoprene.

Sole material- Rubber.

Shaft height- 17.25 inches.

Available color- Mossy oak country.

Pricing- $178-$409 (Prices may vary according to your size)


  • The neoprene rubber gives the waterproof design of these boots. The soles of the boot are also durable and rubberized which keeps you off from cold ice. The neoprene they use is self-insulating. So, the boots will keep you warm no matter what the temperature is outside.
  • The 8 mm neoprene also provides excellent shock absorbing and heat reflection. 
  • This is one of the warmest boots in Muck’s closet. The fleece lining they use is very soft, durable. They provide insulation and warmth in the coldest of temperatures. 
  • There is a 2mm thermal foam under the footbed which serves extra warmth.
  • The comfort rate of these incredible boots is between -60° Fahrenheit to 30° Fahrenheit. 
  • Muck uses lightweight EVA midsole in these boots. EVA means ethyl vinyl acetate which is for additional cushioning. 
  • The rubber used in these boots is highly graded. As a result, they ensure a waterproof environment for your shoes with a 17-inch shaft. This long shaft minimizes the chances of water getting into your feet.


  • The mossy oak country look can be a bit harsh for you if you are a fashion-conscious human. This boot gives a jungle and rugged vibe, but if you want to wear them for your regular outing on ice, this may dishearten you a bit.
  • Because of the long shaft, you should be careful before buying them. There will be no issues if you have a thin calve. But, if you have a thick calve you should go with a half size bigger.

10. NORTIV 8 Men’s Insulated Waterproof Construction Rubber Sole Winter Snow Ski Boots 

NortIV is a professional brand that has a very good collection of winter boots.

NortIV 8 men’s insulated waterproof boots are also one of the top contenders for an ideal ice fishing boot.

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Fabric quality- Synthetic.

Sole material- Rubber.

Shaft height- 6 inches.

Shaft circumstances- 13 inches.

Available color- Black, Grey, Dk Brown black.

Pricing- $44-$49. (Prices may vary according to your size)


  • These boots are completely waterproof and windproof. They use high-quality material to ensure its waterproofness. They also have a synthetic toe cap to avoid a collision.
  • NortIV uses three different warming system in this boot. 
  1. A warm and removable cushion of the midsole offers warmth and comfort for the whole day. 
  2. 200g high quality 3M insulate cotton serves extra comfort and insulation even in cold weather. 
  3. The insulated comfy lining gives the advantage of maintaining heat in a temperature like -25° Fahrenheit.
  • These boots are designed perfectly for winter. You can use them for ice fishing, hiking, skiing, and even at outdoor parties.


The shaft height is an issue you may have to deal with if you buy these boots.

The shaft height is only 7 inches. So, you’ll have to be more careful using them in water.

The shaft is meant to stop the water from getting in your boots, so a smaller shaft means more chance of water to get into the boot.


What are the best boots for ice fishing?

Kamik Men’s Icebreaker Cold Weather Boot is the best boots for ice fishing according to me. The 11.25 inches long shaft and the unique lace closure system makes it 100% waterproof boots in the market. 

The amount of traction and balance these boots offer is also mind-blowing. Everything you will need to decide for the best ice fishing boots is achieved by these boots. The weather protection, reasonable pricing, and durability make it best for ice fishing.

What is the warmest boots for ice fishing?

Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Snow Boots will be the warmest of all. These boots will keep you warm at -60 degrees Fahrenheit. The 8mm neoprene is the reason behind it.

The fleece lining they use provides boot insulation and heat reflection. The 2mm thermal leather also compliments the whole boot in heat-retaining. Muck uses a lightweight EVA midsole which also adds additional cushioning. 

What are the best winter boots for ice?

Muck Boot Men’s Arctic Pro Snow Boots is the best of all winter boots you can choose. These boots are completely waterproof and will serve you the best on ice. These boots will serve you in -60 degrees too! So if it gets colder than this you should skip that day!!

SOREL – Women’s Caribou Waterproof Boot for Winter is also best for winter. The durability of these boots is incredible! These boots are 100% waterproof to start with. These boots have incredible traction on any surface Like mud or ice. You can rely on these easily in the winters to walk or even run on the ice.

Are muck boots good on ice?

In the ice you’ll want a warm, snow-proof, well insulated pair of shoes. Muck boots will give you the comfort and warmness in your journey of becoming a angler.

While ice fishing you need a pair of boots that will give you fair traction with the slippery surface of the ice. Muck boots offer this quality to have a firm grip on ice. So you can run, hike, fish on the ice with ease. To put this in short, Yes! Muck Boots are not only good but also best on ice.

What has the best traction of all the ice fishing boots?

Columbia men’s Bugaboot has a featured lugged outsole that holds on the surface so deeply that the traction you’ll have in these is incredible.

 They also have a Omni technology that helps the boots for waterproofing. This protects your feet from ice, snow, mud and water.

Its athletic design serves the best traction on ice and snow. It’s also lightweight with a weight of only 23 ounces making it easygoing too!

Which qualities are important for choosing ice fishing boots?

If you ask any ice fishing enthusiast, they’ll tell you that it’s very important to keep your foot and hand warmer. Because these two things are likely to be the first to get cold. You won’t want your relax day to become a nightmare of having frostbite!

Luckily, you won’t have to worry much as there are many brands that are making incredibly durable and waterproof ice fishing boots for you to keep your foot safe and warm.

Any boot you choose to purchase, firstly be sure of It’s waterproof capability. A pair of waterproof boots will keep you warm and safe from ice cold water. 

Traction, durability is also a very important feature that you’ll want to look up to. A pair of boots with good traction will minimize your chances of slipping. Durability is also important if you want your boots to serve you for many years.


I think this review will help you to decide on the best ice fishing boots for you. With the best customer reviews and zero chances of frostbite, these shoes will be the best choice for you.

After reading this you would have known about “Ice fishing boots”. However, we believe you may have further interest about it. To know more, you can leave a question for us in the comment box. We will get to you as soon as possible.

Have a nice day sir!  

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