11 Best Underwater Ice Fishing Camera For Sale in 2022

Ice fishing is one of the most popular wintertime activities in the United States and Canada. The best way to catch fish beneath the ice is by using the right bait. One of the easiest ways to find out if your bait is working is with one of these best underwater ice fishing camera’s. Today we’ll cover some of the best underwater ice fishing camera’s available, including their pros and cons so you can decide which one suits your needs!

Fishing has always been a popular hobby for many and there are multiple ways to fish. But these days, we have better technology that can make fishing easier than ever before. And with the help of an underwater camera you’ll be able to catch more prey and enjoy your time fishing even more!

What is the Best Underwater Ice Fishing Camera?

When you want to buy one of the best underwater ice fishing cameras, there are a lot of options to choose from. The variety of options can make you confused. In this article, we have brought the top 9 choices for you from a lot of options. So now it’s time to know about those models.

Best Seller

MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera, Portable Fish Finder Camera HD 1000 TVL Infrared LED Waterproof Camera

MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera

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Our Pick

Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder Waterproof Underwater 1000TVL Fishing Camera

Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Fishing Camera

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MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera HD

MOOCOR Fishing Camera HD

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Best Underwater Ice Fishing Camera Buying Guide 

If you have made up your mind to buy an underwater ice fishing camera, here are a few of the things that you should consider before buying a fishing camera for your specific needs.

Camera resolution

Camera resolution matters the most in your ice fishing camera. Without a good resolution of the camera, you can’t get the perfect feedback. So, it’s always important to check the camera resolution to avoid any disruption. 

Display size

The display screen size of your camera is another important thing to check. A wide display can provide you with an amazing experience. So, it’s better to choose the ice fishing camera which has a wide image display.

Detection efficiency

If the detection power of the camera is not good enough, it can’t serve you properly. That’s why you have to buy a camera which can provide perfect movement detection. With the right detection of the movement, catching your targeted fish becomes easier.

Power source

Most ice fishing cameras come with rechargeable batteries. Yet, it’s better to check the power source properly. Moreover, you should know the charging time and serving time of the camera too.

Easy portability

This is a must factor to look for. While you are going fishing, one thing that you will need from your fishing camera is the portability feature. So obviously, you should consider the easily portable option the most.


If you buy a product and it doesn’t show enough durability, you won’t be satisfied. So always check the durability of the ice fishing camera before buying. To have a better idea, you can look for user experiences. 

NameOur RatingPrice
MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera Review 8.4Check Price Button
MARCUM RC5P Recon 5 Plus Underwater Camera8.6 Check Price Button
Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder9.6 Check Price Button
Aqua-Vu AV 715C Underwater Viewing System8.2 Check Price Button
MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera HD7.8 Check Price Button
Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera9.2 Check Price Button
Eyoyo Portable 9 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder9.6 Check Price Button
Anysun Underwater Fish Finder8.4 Check Price Button
Vexilar FS800 Fish Scout Underwater Camera8.4 Check Price Button
OKK Portable Underwater Fishing Camera8.4 Check Price Button
Underwater Fishing Camera Portable Ice Fish Finder8.8 Check Price Button

Best Underwater Camera For Ice Fishing

Here are the 9 best underwater cameras for ice fishing. We will also discuss exactly what key features they come with and the video quality.

1) MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera Review

MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera, Portable Fish Finder Camera HD 1000 TVL Infrared LED Waterproof Camera
MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera
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If you are looking for the most effective fishing camera for ice fishing, you can consider this one. This ice fishing camera comes in two colors. So, you can choose the color according to your preference. The HD LCD screen is able to provide you with the best possible experience to catch your targeted fish. It has an amazing camera interface to serve you

The charging indicator lamp that it has is another great thing to be surprised about. Again, the USB charging interface allows you to recharge it anywhere you want. So it will never go out of charge even if you use it for a longer time. The color LCD monitor of this camera has a brightness adjusting feature. As a result, you can go fishing in daylight without any disturbance.

The battery life of this video camera is built to work for 8 hours with a full charge. On the other hand, charging requires only 4 hours to serve you. The built-in battery system is very easy to serve you anywhere.

You will get two types of power supply with it. It includes a 5-volt power adapter, and you can use a 5-volt power bank to charge it anywhere. But the power bank is not included in the package. 

Again the design and effectiveness of this ice fishing camera can serve you never like before. It works as an extraordinary technology to find a fish that you want. The advanced technology of this ice fishing camera is suitable for this generation. The aura length is long enough to serve you with comfortable work. 

More importantly, this camera can be angled for up to 130 degrees. This ice-fishing camera is suitable for seawater and freshwater. It will provide you with a better resolution than other cameras. It can work the most efficiently at 30 to 60-degree temperatures. This camera has digital zoom support to serve you. 

You can zoom in up to 4 times. This feature will allow you to see the fish more quickly and properly. The camera is built with night vision lights to work effectively, even in the dark waters.

The night vision feature can give you the overall experience to make underwater circumstances clear. To sum up, it will be an amazing purchase for you.


  • Wire length
  • Built with LED lights
  • Suitable to use in dark
  • Built with digital zoom function

2) MARCUM RC5P Recon 5 Plus Underwater Camera Review

The Recon 5 Plus Underwater Viewing System has a widescreen LCD monitor with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It’s sunlight-readable and provides 800 X 480 Pixel Hi-Res Color, giving you excellent clarity no matter how murky your water may be. MarCum underwater fishing camera has a 110-degree field of view.

MarCum Recon 5 Plus Underwater Viewing System
MarCum Recon 5 Plus Underwater Viewing System
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The 1/3″ CMOS Sensor offers optimal low-light performance, making everything perfectly visible for the first time ever! This product is perfect for visually impaired customers who need to overcome certain obstacles in order to be able to fish like everyone else, or not have their disability hold them back when immersed in the underwater world.

The MarCum Recon 5 Plus gives you up 6 hours worth of power and a 50ft long camera cable that can be removed when needed making it ideal for deep dives into your mystery discoveries. With a redesigned battery charging solution using USB compatibility, any ambient light to serve as your own personal power station on the go! The new feature enables limitless exploration at no cost (since there are many sources of free energy from sunlight).

The MarCum Recon 5 Plus is one of the most comprehensive underwater camera viewing systems in the world. With color or black and white image options, 50 ft camera cable, removable weight, rechargeable internal lithium-ion battery, what more could you ask for? It’s like having a submarine strapped to your hand!

The Recon 5 Plus features a built-in DVR and micro-SD for video recording. The innovative fishing camera system is compatible with playback, screenshot options, adjustable brightness, and contrast in addition to sharpness.

3) Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder Review

Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder Waterproof Underwater 1000TVL Fishing Camera

Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder

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Here is another ice fishing camera to serve your fishing in a unique way. It is built with a 7-inch color LCD screen for you. The picture quality of this camera makes the image realistic and delicate. The camera quality is very upgraded and made of high-definition features.

Along with the features, this camera is made of 12 pieces of LED light to serve you even under the dark water. So, it can serve you with the perfect clear vision of your desired fish. The body of this camera is made of ip68 waterproof technology. No matter how harshly you use this, it will be durable enough to serve you.

This ice-fishing camera is made of Lithium batteries. It can provide you with good power and work time. Along with this, because of the camera resolution, you can see your fish more clearly underwater. The camera light source is very powerful to make everything as clear as possible. 

It can successfully show you any fish’s swimming. The wide display can serve your purpose really well. Apart from this, the portability of this underwater ice fishing camera can serve you a lot. You will be able to use it for 8 hours if you only charge the battery fully once.

The user reviews of this ice fishing camera are incredible. We can say that you will have an amazing experience using this ice fishing camera. The underwater clarity is more important when you want a good experience in fishing. This ice-fishing camera can provide you with a clear underwater clarification. 

You can notice the movement of any fish at any time. To make it more durable, you have to put a screen protector on this. The shape and color of this camera will never scare the fish. The camera quality is very good.

This camera comes at a good price. The battery life is long to serve you anytime. Overall, it is a good choice as one of the 11 best ice fishing cameras for you.


  • Great quality
  • Amazing durability
  • Affordable price
  • Effective usage


  • May show blurry pictures sometimes

4) Aqua-Vu AV 715C Underwater Viewing System with Color Video Camera & 7″ LCD Monitor

The latest in underwater imaging technology, the Aqua-Vu AV 715C provides a fun and engaging experience for anglers of all ages. This waterproof system features an IP67 rating and screen with vivid color video camera that is perfect for any freshwater or saltwater fishing enthusiasts adventure.

Aqua-Vu AV 715C Underwater Viewing System with Color Video Camera & 7 LCD Monitor
Aqua-Vu AV 715C Underwater Viewing System with Color Video Camera & 7 LCD Monitor
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The compact size of the LCD makes it easy to store on your boat without having to worry about how much room you’re taking up. With the anti-spook fish camera, adjustable IR lighting, and 50 feet of cable – we have everything you need for a successful fishing expedition!

The smart Power Management System keeps the Moby Dick insight while you take a break for some tuna balls and iced tea. The Aqua-Vu AV 715C Full-color Underwater Viewing System with Color Video camera has a custom storage bag system and color camera with an auto low light mode. It features a 12v 7.2ah battery and charger for quick on the go usage.

5) MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera HD Review

MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera HD
MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera HD
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This ice-fishing camera comes with a 5-inch display to give you impressive performance. You can successfully take any photo or video whenever you want. The rechargeable battery of this ice fishing camera can provide you with the greatest experience ever.

Moreover, it comes with a big cable length to ease your trouble of reaching more height. The display has a charge indicator in it. So, when you are fishing, if you don’t want your ice fishing camera to turn off, you can buy this one. You can adjust the brightness of this device for up to three levels. 

Apart from this, you will be able to use two types of power supplies in it. It requires 12 hours of charging time to serve you for an extended period. After the required charging period, you can use it for six long hours! Also, this fishing camera provides well durability. So, you can use it for an extended time without any worries.

The one specific utilization of this camera is you can wear it on your wrist and watch the fish’s movement. It comes with an adjustable strap to wear on your wrist. Moreover, this camera’s display can also show you the underwater temperature. The rechargeable battery that it comes with is extraordinary to serve anytime. 

It can provide angling up to 130° wide angle. This underwater ice fishing camera can successfully work at a 20-60 degree temperature. The versatile usage can serve your fishing in an amazing way. You can detect every movement, direction of fish using this camera. 


  • Good brightness
  • Amazing quality
  • Fantastic service
  • Affordable price


  • Less visibility
  • Less durable batteries

6) Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera Review

Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera

Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera

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The multi-functional usage of this ice fishing camera is an amazing thing to serve you. Widescreen provides everything that you need. It comes with an amazing resolution to make your fish visible in a better way. The sun visor that it includes can be removed whenever you want. Moreover, the white LED of this ice-fishing camera is another great thing.

You will be able to observe the darkness using this fishing camera properly. The built quality is very strong. Along with this, the durable material is able to give you extraordinary facilities. It has a cell box to control the lighting. The body of this ice fishing light is cold resistant. Again, the waterproof quality will serve you the most. 

Moving to the work time, it can provide you 6 to 8 hours of using time with a full charge. The lithium battery is amazing to provide you with great working time. It is built with IP68 water-resistant properties. This camera can face pressure for up to 5 MPa. The voltage that it requires to run is 12 volts. You can use it successfully in 20 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The inferred and white lights are adjustable. So you can adjust the lights according to your required brightness. The light’s energy is enough to provide you with cool specifications. You can even turn off the LEDs if you want. The versatile design of this product is very impressive. 

You can use this underwater ice fishing camera for commercial fishing in any water as you like. It allows you to fish in oceans, lake fishing, and, most specifically, ice fishing. You will be able to explore the underwater environment with this camera in an amazing way. 

Everything that this camera provides is impressive. From battery life to affordable prices, everything is in your favor.


  • Extended battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Multi-functional


  • Less durable
  • Breaks signal

7) Eyoyo Portable 9 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder Review

Eyoyo Portable 9 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder HD 1000TVL Fishing Camera

Eyoyo Portable 9 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder HD 1000TVL Fishing Camera

Check Price Button

In order to give your fish-finding experience a new level, you need this fish finder. The screen displays a more realistic and palatable camera capture. You can comfortably use this monitor in bright environments. This is a big opportunity for you because this monitor comes with a removable sun visor.

Moreover, it is manufactured in a way that you will be able to have a clear view of the dark environment too. You are getting an 8 GB TF card with it so that you can record videos of underwater landscapes whenever you want. This will provide you with the Crystal clear video clip, which is ideal for seeing the underwater area.

The unique design of this fish finder won’t harm the fish at all. It will give you the perfect and close view of safety monitoring. It has a 4500 mAh high capacity rechargeable battery, and it can also be used for LED light control. The excellent battery life of this fish finder helps you to work for a long period without worrying about anything. 

You can also carry it easily as it comes with a very lightweight of just 5.38 pounds. This incredible fish finder also comes with a very easy use process. So this is giving you the opportunity of having a fish finder, which is versatile enough. If you are a beginner, then you must find a fish finder that has got the necessary features but which is also budget-friendly.

This fish finder meets your needs, too, as this comes at a reasonable price.


  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Giftable


  • Not durable enough
  • Bad coloration

8) Anysun Underwater Fish Finder Review

Anysun Underwater Fish Finder

Anysun Underwater Fish Finder

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This underwater fish finder camera is made with weatherproof materials so that it can work smoothly underwater without having the water inside the camera. It doesn’t matter, you are working in the daytime, or at night, it will provide you with a clear view underwater as it has 12pcs of white LED lights. 

This underwater fish finder is designed in an incredible way; it is not only waterproof but also it can attract the big fishes as the fish feel that the camera is food. So they come closer to this and are successfully hooked. It comes with a 7-inch LED screen, which gives you a clearer view underwater ever.

Along with this, this fish finder has got a 4500 mAh battery, which can give service for 8 hours when fully charged. The cables of this fish finder are thicker and durable than any other fishfinder camera. The lights included with it gives you the night vision lights. It can work on a fully dark night and also in 15 m deep water. So you will be able to look for fish even in deep water, thanks to the night vision feature.

Moreover, this fish finder is also cold resistant. The monitor can provide a clearer image than any other tv. This fish finder is versatile to carry in many places for lake fishing, ice fishing, sea fishing, boat fishing, fishing on the island. So you can carry this fish finder wherever you want. The using process of this underwater ice fishing camera is effortless. 

The design is made to attract the fish, and also the design gives you the feeling of the authentic fishing level. And you are having this awesome fish finder at a very reasonable price. You will never face any problems if you are a beginner with this as it is made to help beginners because it is very easy to use.


  • Easy to use
  • Incredible design
  • Excellent battery life
  • Fantastic for ice fishing


  • Average quality
  • Not durable enough

9) Vexilar FS800 Fish Scout Underwater Camera

For ice fishing enthusiasts, Vexilar FS800 Fish Scout is a great option. As it is suitable for cold weather. It offers a 7-inches long monitor size ideal for preparing and viewing your catch. The color/black and white is perfect for when you’re feeling creative and want to document the detail of an underwater shot. Don’t get the wrong idea though. It has both colors, black and white.

Vexilar FS800 Fish Scout Underwater Camera, Black-White
Vexilar FS800 Fish Scout Underwater Camera, Black-White
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It fits comfortably in your hands with simple controls, featuring a battery life of two hours and a low voltage alert. Use it as one camera or strap it onto a mask/fighting bait buoy system to get better video footage! If you love fishing, there’s nothing more satisfying than catching an elusive catch from beneath the depths of the water!

Protecting your catch while below sea level has never been easier through this nifty little device. 

10) OKK Portable Underwater Fishing Camera

Portable Underwater Fishing Camera okk
Portable Underwater Fishing Camera okk
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The OKK Portable Underwater Fishing Camera lets you see what’s on the other side of the boat. The camera has a 1000TVL camera and a 7-inch screen, which means colors are brighter and clearer than traditional underwater cameras. It comes with 12 adjustable white LED lights so that fish won’t be spooked when being filmed, and it is also equipped with auto backlight compensation for better viewing in low-light conditions.

There are no DVR capabilities or docking stations for charging devices at your vacation destination but this unit does come equipped with a 12V 4500mAH battery that can be used continuously up to eight hours at a time! This device provides an expansive 130° angle to capture everything happening over there in those murky deep water.

The camera has voice commands and will snap pictures and video while also reflecting sunlight in case it’s too dark down there. With up to eight hours of battery life on one charge, don’t worry about running out of power before you’ve caught all the fish!

11) Underwater Fishing Camera Portable Ice Fish Finder Review

This fish finder is specially made for ice fishing. You will be glad to have this fish finder as this provides you with the best experience in fishing or underwater fish finding. This can give you a fantastic view of the underwater. The screen of this camera is made with the latest technology to provide you with the best features and qualities you demand from a fish finder.

Underwater Fishing Camera Portable Ice Fish Finder

Underwater Fishing Camera Portable Ice Fish Finder

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This fish finder offers you a 16 GB TF card, so you can record videos unlimitedly for a long period. Also, it offers you to share the moments you captured and make others surprised. The battery life of this fish finder is capable of giving you service for up to eight hours unlimitedly when fully charged. It has every specification built beautifully to serve you in a unique way.

This is portable and makes you feel comfortable to carry wherever you want as it comes with the lightweight. Its weight is only 3.97 pounds. It can be switched between two modes. So you are offered to use it in the daytime or night to gather unlimited experiences. You can make your fishing experience better using this underwater video fishing camera. 

The features and qualities it gives are very special, and you will be satisfied by using this fish finder. The clear view, capturing from a safe distance, perfect monitor, and other features, make this fish finder different from any other fishfinder. 

The LED lights included with it are very high-quality lights and are able to give an absolutely great view. If you want to make yourself cheerful with the best fishing camera ever, then purchase this one. The extraordinary facilities and comfort that it provides are outstanding for anyone. It is both beginner and professionally friendly.


  • Fantastic LED lights
  • Very durable
  • Perfect monitor
  • Standard design


  • Very fragile
  • Unstable color

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

here are some commonly asked question and answers to help you in your decision making. Let’s dive into it!

Are fishing cameras easy to use?

Fishing cameras are very easy to use and you can read our guide how to use a fishing camera if you are unsure what the benefits of a fishing camera are of if you think that the technology may be overly complicated.

Do underwater cameras scare fish?

An underwater camera can scare the fish if it is made with vibrant colors. Otherwise, underwater cameras do not scare the fish. If you move your camera too much here and there, that will scare the fish. But if you move the camera gently and slowly, the fish won’t be bothered by that.

Are fishing cameras any good?

Fishing cameras are a good investment for those who want to fish. The price of these cameras varies depending on the features and performance they offer. And we have discussed the best ones available in the market earlier. Depending on your budget and need, choose one from them.

Is there any wireless underwater fishing camera?

Yes, there are many wireless fishing cameras that can serve you.

Hence, if you are looking for the best ice fishing camera, then I would recommend you to go through this post. I have listed some of the best ice fishing cameras available in the market. Hope it helps!

Are underwater fishing cameras durable?

Yes, if you choose to consider a few things, the fishing camera will be durable for you. You can increase the durability with further care too.

Can underwater fishing cameras work in saltwater?

Okay, this might seem a little confusing with the question. I am trying to say: can underwater cameras be used in saltwater? In case you are thinking along these lines—yes an underwater camera will work perfectly fine in saltwater if you consider a few things. When it comes to using one at sea, more care is required since they wouldn’t last as long there without maintenance and such.

What is the best Underwater Ice Fishing Camera?

Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder Waterproof Underwater 1000TVL Fishing Camera

Eyoyo Portable 7 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder

Check Price Button


If you have read this article thoroughly, you have known a lot of things about underwater fishing cameras. We hope that the information that we have even here will help you picture your underwater camera according to your needs.

The top 7 best underwater ice fishing cameras that we have mentioned here are enriched with every specification. So without a doubt, these cameras will be a good product for you.

And among all these options we will suggest you Eyoyo Portable 7 inch waterproof fishing camera. But if your budget is a bit low, then go for MOOCOR Underwater Fishing Camera HD.

If you have any questions further, you can ask your local expert for the solution—best of luck with your ice fishing journey.

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