5 Best Pike Lures For Catching Larger Fish

best pike lures for large fish

Big fish are not easy to catch and need a special lure. Pike lures are a great way to catch larger fish. Pike is a big fish that can live in water from freezing to very warm. These fish have a high metabolic rate and prefer feeding on smaller prey, so they need the right tackle for catching them. Pike …

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Can You Eat Koi Fish? Is it Safe to Eat Koi Fish? 2022

Can you eat koi fish?

Koi fish are a type of carp that can grow up to 3-4 feet in length and live for 20-30 years. They are an important symbol in many Asian cultures, such as Japan’s. Koi fish have been eaten by humans for centuries due to their white meat being considered a delicacy. Some people might be wondering if it is safe …

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Top 11 Best Saltwater Fish For 55 Gallon Tank (2022)

Saltwater Fish For 55 Gallon Tank

If you are looking for the best saltwater fish for 55 gallon tanks, then this list is just what you need. There are many different species of saltwater fish that work well in smaller tanks like this. Below, we will provide a list of the 11 most suitable choices for your tank! The saltwater fish that is best for a …

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False Albacore vs Bonito – A Fisherman’s Guide

False Albacore VS Bonito

If you love spending time offshore, then you’ve probably encountered both false albacore and bonito. These two fish are often confused with each other because of their similarities in appearance. But there are actually some key differences between false albacore and bonito that you should know about before you go fishing for either one. In this article, we’ll break down …

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