How to Oil A Fishing Reel? Step By Step Guide (2022)

How to Oil A Fishing Reel Thumbnail

A fishing reel is a tubular mechanical device that is attached to a fishing rod. It is used in revolving and stowing lines. People use it for catching big fishes from the sea or river.  So, today we will discuss how to oil a fishing reel. Let’s get started, shall we? Modern fishing reel usually has the help of fittings …

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How To Keep Fish Alive After Catching? 5 Easy Ways

How to keep fish alive after catching Thumbnail

Today we will talk about how to keep fish alive after catching and how to preserve them well if they are dead.  Fishes decompose quickly after they die. So keeping them alive as long as you can is a good way to keep them fresh till you take them home to eat. Even if you want to sell them, you …

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How To Cast A Fly Rod Like A Professional In 2022?

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Fishing has been a hobby or profession to many since the old stone age period. Especially, those of you who reside near the coastal regions might find fishing a very admirable job.  But before starting to learn this exciting hobby, you need to know that angling is not an easy task until you learn some basic principle and practice it …

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False Albacore vs Bonito – A Fisherman’s Guide

False Albacore VS Bonito

If you love spending time offshore, then you’ve probably encountered both false albacore and bonito. These two fish are often confused with each other because of their similarities in appearance. But there are actually some key differences between false albacore and bonito that you should know about before you go fishing for either one. In this article, we’ll break down …

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How to Make an Ice Fishing Hole? 5 Easy Ways

How to dig an ice hole - featured

If you are trying to ice fish, let me guess what you are most struggling with is digging a hole in the ice. Digging a hole mostly depends on what you are using to dig and what method you are using. The best way to deal hole in the ice is to use an auger because it’s the least time-consuming. …

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