Top 10 Dunnville Ontario Fishing Spots to Go Fish in Canada

Whether you are searching for a spot to catch some fish, or just looking for a nice place to enjoy the scenery and relax with friends, Dunnville has plenty of options. Whether you want to spend time on the water catching trout or bass, or hiking through nature in search of animals and plants that can’t be found anywhere else, Dunnville is home to an abundance of outdoor activities.

Today, we will tell you about the 10 best Dunnville Ontario Fishing Spots that you can go to fish.

Dunnville is located about 2 hours east of Toronto near Lake Erie. It’s surrounded by beautiful farmland with rolling green hills dotted with trees. A town rich in history and close-knit community spirit, Dunnvilllle is a great place to visit year-round.

Starting in the spring, Dunnville offers plenty of outdoor activities for nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts alike. You can spend your day paddling up the Grand River or exploring one of many trails that wind through forests and fields. There are also several parks with picnic tables perfect for family outings durinlg the warmer months.

10 Dunnville Ontario Fishing Spots

1. Fishing in Lake Erie

Lake Erie
Lake Erie

Head to the beach at Lake Erie for a day of fishing in Dunnville.

In the 1920s, fishermen from around Ontario would come to fish and sell their catches on this sandy stretch of shoreline near Dunns Creek. The creek runs into Lake Erie here, which is part of what makes it such a great spot for fishing with kids – they can play in the water while you try your luck!

2. Bob Baigent Memorial Park 

Bob Baigent Memorial Park

Bob Baigent Memorial Park offers a place to fish and picnic with friends or family for an afternoon. The access point at the entrance is perfect for launching your paddleboard or kayak while still having plenty of room for fishing – if you don’t have one, there are always rental companies nearby that will help you out!

The park features two volleyball courts on its north side, as well as a play structure and ball field for children.

It also has benches which make it easy to enjoy nature without coming too close to creekside plants (and hence their stinging nettles!)

3. Dunnville Bridge

Dunnville Bridge
Dunnville Bridge

Dunnville bridge is another place where you can fish and play at the same time – it’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with your family.

You’ll see people fishing from up high, but if you’re looking for a more intimate experience, head down below! There are picnic tables under the bridge, which offer plenty of privacy whiles still being close enough to the water.

You’ll also find a bench here, which is perfect for catching your breath or just people watching!

All you need to do is pack some food and drinks – there’s even an ice cream truck that comes by every day but Sunday. This is as good of place as any to enjoy nature in peace!

4. Kinsmen Park

Kinsmen Park
Kinsmen Park

Kinsmen Park is a location where you’ll find many people fishing.

There are two pedestrian bridges, and in both there are nets set up for kids to have some fun on the water! ‘You can also fish from beneath the bridge, or take your pole with you and enjoy exploring nature right off of the trails that connect Kinsmen Park’s three sections together.

The park offers plenty of areas to picnic – it’s a great place for families that want to spend time outdoors, but still be close by if they need anything. You’ll even find ice cream vendors who will deliver their goods so you don’t have to leave what might just be an awesome fishing spot!

5. Fishing in Lafortune Park 

Lafortune Park
Lafortune Park

If you’re in the mood for fishing, Lafortune Park is a great place to start.

This waterfront oasis features plenty of access points and areas that are perfect for picnics with family or friends. The walkway around the edge of the water provides stunning views – but it can get busy when locals come out too!

The park has some amazing festivals every summer, so be sure to plan your trip during one if this is something you enjoy doing while visiting Dunnville Ontario! In addition to music performances from both local artists and touring acts, there’s usually fireworks over Lake Erie as well!

Lafortune Park also offers an excellent location to launch kayaks on into the lake. It might even interest those

5. Fishing in Moulton Bay 

Moulton Bay
Moulton Bay

This is a beautiful location to fish, and it’s also the best spot for Lake Erie Walleye fishing in Dunnville! The bay offers plenty of space for those who are looking for solitude. It isn’t very deep either – so be careful if you do decide to snag something big out here!

At this point, there’s no need not mention that Moulton Bay features a campground with RV hookups as well. This makes it perfect for both families on vacation or seasoned travelers looking to rent an affordable place in Dunnsville Ontario while they explore the area further.

6. Nanticoke Harbour 

Nanticoke Harbour
Nanticoke Harbour

Nanticoke Harbour is a favorite with those who like to fish for both Lake Erie Walleye and Salmon. There are plenty of boats out on the water, but not too many people around – so it feels peaceful here! The harbor also offers easy access to Norfolk County’s shoreline via Highway 22. This means you can quickly get away from the hustle and bustle in Dunnville Ontario if you want some peace and quiet.

The town itself doesn’t offer much, aside from that one highway intersection at Main Street (which runs parallel to North Bay Road). So grab your fishing pole before heading off into Nanticoke Harbour or Moulton Bay instead!

7. Fishing in Port Maitland East 

Port Maitland East
Port Maitland East

Port Maitland East is a very popular fishing spot because it’s so close to Dunnville Ontario.

The town of Port Maitland offers little more than the harbor and some restaurants, but this makes for great access to the water! There are plenty of boat ramps nearby, as well as fish cleaning stations at both ends – which means you’ll be able to clean your catch before heading home with it (or head straight back out on the water!).

8. Port Maitland Esplanade & Pier

Port Maitland Esplanade & Pier
Port Maitland Esplanade & Pier

One of the Dunville Ontario fishing spot that many people visit is the Port Maitland Esplanade and Pier.

Port Maitland’s most popular feature, this esplanade offers a great space for picnics! There are also plenty of benches to sit on while you’re casting your line into the water – or if you want to come here with kids, there are swings nearby too.

The pier itself stretches out about 340 feet (although it might not look like much at first glance!), which means anglers can catch fish from all different types of angles. You’ll be sure to find some success as long as you cast your rod over shallow waters near rocks and other structures.

9. Fishing in Seneca Park

Seneca Park
Seneca Park

Many people who come to Dunnville Ontario fishing spots can’t help but stop by Seneca Park.

This public space features a large pond that offers plenty of opportunity for fishermen – and if you’re not feeling so lucky, there’s also an island in the middle where you might find some more success!

There are also plenty of winding paths in this park, which means it would be great on a sunny day to go out with your family or friends and take a walk together while enjoying nature at the same time. If you want an angling experience that will really feel like home, head over here when dusk falls because then many different types of fish will start coming out from hiding places beneath the surface!

10. Fishing in York Park

York Park
York Park

There are only so many lakes and rivers that this town has on offer – but one of the better options is York Park! This spot can’t help but attract fishermen looking for walleye or trout as they enjoy the water here. If you’re not feeling lucky, there’s also plenty of other types of fishing at your disposal because those two aren’t all that grow here!

Did somebody say “lobster”? Yes, lobster actually makes an appearance in these parts during certain months when it’s time to spawn and make more lobsters. So if you want some delicious seafood while out at sea with your rod and reel then consider stopping by this spot!

Of course, you’ll want to have the proper gear for lobster fishing. Usually that means having a pot or basket and something like bait on hand so they don’t feel threatened when you’re trying to reel them in. You can also find lobsters by their red antennae if you prefer this method of catching one rather than using some other type of equipment.

This is an excellent place to enjoy your time with friends and family while taking advantage of all it has to offer at York Park thanks to its ample availability from lakeside camping sites up through its many different types of water activities including swimming, boating, scuba diving – even birdwatching!


Dunnville is a great place for fishing. Whether you’re an experienced angler, or just starting out and looking to learn more about it, there are plenty of places in the area where you can try your luck at catching something big. If you visit any of these 10 spots around town be sure to tell them that we sent ya! With our help, I’m sure they’ll have some free time on their hands soon enough. Here’s hoping for the best!


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