Here’s How To Ice Fish For Trout Like A Professional

Ice fishing is simple, and fishing trout is simpler. Ice fishing becomes more enjoyable if your target is catching trout for you. This article is to let you know about how to ice fish for trout.

How to ice fish for trout?
How to ice fish for trout?

With the right equipment, catching trout is easier. All it requires is to learn some simple techniques. If you are worried that you will need a lot of tools, that’s not right. You can catch trout with the regular fishing tools.

Moreover, jigs, minnows, maggots, and red worms work as the best lures and baits for catching trout. Gather your pieces of equipment and follow basic fishing techniques, you’ll be able to catch as many trout as you want. Now let’s dive into the deeper information!

If you are new to ice fishing, here is a complete beginner’s guide to ice fishing.

Types of equipment that you need to catch trouts

Fishing a trout requires almost the same equipment that you need while catching other fishes in ice fishing. You don’t have to buy additional equipment. But there are few special tools that may help you in catching trout—for instance, fishing rods.

You have to use shorter fishing rods when you intend to catch trout in ice fishing. You have to keep the length between 24 to 36 inches. Your rods length will help you to catch the right targeted trout for you.

When you’re learning how to ice fish for trout, you need a high line capacity fishing reel. A braided line of 10 to 15 pounds weight will work the best. The fluorocarbon leader, which weighs 6 to 8 pounds, will work for catching trout.

Required bait and Lures for trout fishing

While knowing about how to ice fish for trout, one of the most important things to know is about the bait and Lures. There are a few different bait and lures, which can bring you outstanding results in catching trouts. Let’s know about a few of those:

  • Jigs: lake trout can be caught by using tube jigs. Jigs are the most appropriate baits for catching trout. Choose the trout considering the water depth and your target trout fish.
  • Minnows: live minnows are effective enough to help you in catching trout fish. If you use it in the right way, you can catch numerous numbers of trout using minnows. 
  • Jigging spoons: you have to choose the size and weight of the jigging spoons according to your preference of trout fish.
  • Live nymph: live nymphs are one of the best live baits for trouts. These work very well to attract trout fishes.
  • Maggots: maggots are the easiest to find baits. You can catch trout easily using maggots.
  • Red worms: red worms are ideal for catching trout fishes. But you can often find it hard to search for red worms. These are not easily available. But the red worms work in a magical way to find trout fishes.

Fishing techniques to catch trout in ice fishing

There are a few unique techniques if you want to find trout in your ice fishing. I am going to explain some of those for you now.

  1. Find the right place: trout are more likely to find in the flat shoal area of the lake. These fishes usually stay under 3-4 feet of water. 
  2. Gather your equipment: with proper equipment, you can catch a lot of trout in ice fishing. Gather the equipment that I have mentioned above, and you’re ready to catch your trout. Especially when you want to catch a rainbow trout, you have to keep some specific tools. 
  3. Use proper baits and lures: this is the most important fact to keep in mind when you are going to catch trout. Proper baits and lures will play the most effective role in catching trout fishes. Above, I have already mentioned some of the best baits and lures for your trout; you have to choose wisely from those.
  4. Don’t scare the fish by drilling louder: trout are very clever and can move away if you make loud noises. So, you have to be very careful while drilling the ice. If you scare the trout, you won’t be able to find any trout while fishing.
  5. Catch your fish: after keeping in mind all of these things properly, you’re ready to catch your fish.

How do you ice fish for rainbow trout?

There are many types of trouts which can be found in ice fishing. For example, you can find lake trout and rainbow trout. These two are the most common type of trout in ice fishing. Most people forget to catch Rainbow Trout specifically.

For catching Rainbow Trout, you need a medium action rod. Rainbow trouts are more like to move here and there. These are quite an aggressive type of fish and often harder to catch. But if you follow the basic techniques, you can catch rainbow trout easily.

You have to drill the ice without making any noise. If rainbow trout find any noise or sound, these are more likely to hide. Find a proper spot for fishing; it’s better to know beforehand where rainbow trout are more likely to stay in that lake.

Using baits like fly reels and jigs, minnows, red worms can make your trout fishing effective. 

How to ice fish for trout at night?

Fishing at night can sometimes be troublesome if you don’t know about a few techniques. But when you follow the tips and tricks, trout fishing at night can be simpler than ever. When it’s dark and calm, the fishes are likely to stay stable underwater. All you have to do is, keep the baits and lures stable underwater. The trout fish will be easier to catch under darkness. Otherwise, every other process is the same. There is less pressure at night, so you can catch trouts easily.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If you’re a beginner, other questions may appear in your mind rather than how to ice fish for trout, and now I am going to answer some of the frequently asked questions for your easy understanding. 

What depth do you ice fish for trout?

You should target the depth between four to ten feet underwater. Trouts are most likely to be in this depth of ice water.

What is the best bait for ice fishing trout?

As I have mentioned above, some of the best baits are jigs, jigging spoons, minnows and red worms. These can attract your desired trout a lot. 

Is corn a good bait for trout?

No, corns can’t work well while you target for catching trouts.

What time of day is trout most active?

Early morning and late nights are the best for trout fishing. When you go around the dusk, the water and weather are calm. So, the trouts are calm around that time, and these are easier to catch at that time. 

Do trout feed all day?

No, trout feed, especially when there is low sunlight. When its dawn or dusk, these are more likely to feed. Early morning and late nights are the best times for the trouts to feed.


If your target fish is trout, the catching process will be easier if you follow a few steps. I have mentioned everything that you need to know about how to ice fish for trout. I hope these pieces of information will help you to catch your desired trout fish in an easier way.

Trout fishing in ice doesn’t require much effort. You can easily catch trouts if you just follow some tricks. So if you have read this article thoroughly, you’re on the way to make your fishing experience awesome!

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