How to String a Fishing Pole Step By Step in 2022

Fishing can be a great way to spend time with friends and family, but it’s important to have the right equipment. Today I will show you how to string a fishing pole step by step so that you are prepared for your next fishing adventure!

How do you string a fishing pole?

1. Open the bale

The first thing we’re going to do is open the bale of the reel. This might seem like an obvious step, but let me say it straight – before tying any line and winding it onto your reel, you should open the bale on your spool or cassette. Otherwise, how will you wind that line onto the spool properly without getting tangled up in knots? So don’t forget this!

2. Thread the fishing line through the eye of your pole

After opening the bale on your reel, thread the fishing line through the eye of your pole. You’ll need to do this when you’re not holding onto it or if you plan on using a spinning rod (which will spin for about 30 seconds).

3. Tie the line on the spool of the reel

To tie a fishing line on the spool of the reel, create an overhand knot. Tie a loop in one end of the line and run it through the hole at the top of the spool. Now you have threaded your line!

4. Start winding the reel slowly and steadily

Start winding the reel slowly and steadily. Keep your free hand on the line as you wind it around the spool to make sure that there are no knots forming, or if they do form you can untangle them before they get too out of hand!

fishing reel
fishing reel

You’ll want to tighten your knot a bit more each time you wrap, so it stays secure. Don’t worry about over-tightening at first; just keep an eye on how tight everything is getting, and don’t go overboard with those last turns until all other wraps have been taken care of.

After this process is complete, pull back enough slack in order for the line not to be tangled up when fishing – but not so much that anything will pinch together when you pull back.

How to restring a push button fishing pole?

1. Remove the button from the pole by unscrewing it

 The button is the thing on the top of your fishing pole that helps you keep track of how many times you’ve cast. When it’s removed, there will be an opening in the bottom end where the additional line can escape – this is what we’ll use to string our new push-button.

2. Cut off the line that’s attached to the button

 Now we’re left with a length of line that will be used to string our push-button. Cut this off at the butt-end, so it doesn’t get tangled up when you start the next step.

3. Tie a new fishing line

Tie a new piece of fishing line onto the button with a knot. Make sure not to make it too tight or too loose.

4. Lacing

Thread one end of your string through both holes in your rod, and then back up through only one hole on your reel, creating an overhand loop on each side of your pole: this is called “lacing” or “tying-on” 

5. Cross-lacing

Thread one end of your string through both loops on one side, and then thread it back down through both loops on the other side: this is called “cross-lacing” or “double-tying,” which will help prevent slipping.

fishing pole

Final Words

So now you know how to string a fishing pole. Feel free to let us know if it helps or not. We very much appreciate your feedback.

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