Ice Fishing Perch Tips And Tricks For Beginners

If you target to catch perch fishes during ice fishing, you need to follow some basic instructions. Buckle up, cause we are going to share a lot of valuable tricks for ice fishing perch.

Ice Fishing Perch The Right Way In 2020 Tips & Tricks
Ice Fishing Perch The Right Way In 2020 Tips & Tricks

With a targeted area and bait, perch fishing is very easy. All you have to do is to target a specific area where perch fishes are most likely to be and set the trap. Let’s dive into the details.

Ice fishing perch tips

Though like all other fishes, the steps to catch perch are quite similar. But you have to be a little tricky about this matter. Now we are going to share a few tips to catch perch in your ice fishing.

1) Find the hotspot

Areas, where perch will constantly be present should be your target. Perch fishes like to be outside of deep water. Perch fishes are more likely to be in flat water nearby weed edges. If you target those areas, the possibility of you to catch your fish will be obvious.

2) Drill multiple holes

perch fishes are very quick to sense and move. That’s why you should drill multiple holes around your main hole. If you can’t catch the fish through the main hole, the other holes will help you to catch that.

3) Hit the schools

Perch fishes move with schools always. If you can catch the first one, you will be able to catch other perch fishes too. So, you should always target the schools of perch fishes. Using appropriate baits impressively helps in this method.

Target near the ice bar, because in the mid-winter, perch are more likely to be nearer the ice. After a few months, they slowly dive deeper.

4) Choose proper baits

Different baits can be used for attracting perch fishes. You can use another type of bait, for example, spoons. Spoons are created like the shape of small fish, while the perch fishes watch this bait, they come to feed themselves. You can also use soft baits to catch targeted perch.

Also, there are numerous options to choose from because perch fishes do not behave like a picky eater. But your possibility of catching a perch will increase if you choose specific lures and baits.

What Equipment do you need for Ice fishing perch?

There are a few differences in the perch fishing types of equipment than regular ice fishing. If you notice and use those, you can catch perch in a better way. Moreover, following the required equipment will give you the fullest advantage during fishing. Here are a few pieces of equipment which are meant to be perfect during perch fishing:


Your rod size will affect your fishing a lot. Perch fishing always requires a lightweight rod.

An overweight rod can dismiss a perfect target instantly if you can’t move it in time. Also, your rod needs to be of a good height to catch perch fishes.

The longer your rod is, the more you will be benefitted from it.

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Fishing Reel

Perch fishing requires 150m of reel line. So you don’t have to expend extra for reels.

Usually, a reel size between 500-2500 works the best for catching perch fishes.

But if you can move onto a higher capacity, you will get more feedback. There is no specified reel size for perch fishing.

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Fishing Line

You can be versatile in choosing the line. But if you want flexibility, you should choose nylon lines. These are expandable up to many times. If you want a not-stretch line, then you can choose braided lines.

Again, if you want a stable and cut resistance feature, you should choose fluorescent lines. Fluorescent lines are invisible underwater, so you can easily catch a good number of fishes.

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Fishing Hook

If the hook is very small, you won’t be able to remove it from the mouth of your perch. Moreover, aggressive perch fishes won’t get caught in smaller hooks.

That’s why four sized hooks are known to be perfect for catching perches of different sizes.

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Lures for ice fishing perch

Now we are going to share a few lures and baits that perch are more likely to eat. The possibility of catching your targeted fish increases if you choose the bait and lures it carefully. Here are a few lures that will attract perches.

1) Alive lures

Lures that can swim underwater can effectively grab the attention of any fish. So if you choose a lure that can swim underneath your ice water, it will bring outstanding success in your perch fishing. Provoking perches becomes easier with alive lures.


Minnows are effective to catch perch too. Perch fishes eat small minnows, be it alive or dead. So, one thing that you can do is, cut minnows into small pieces and attach it to your fishing hooks. The smell will attract perch fishes into your trap.


Small and alive worms are also effective in catching perch fishes. Finding worms is easier than finding other lures. So, if you have less time, any worm will work to allure perches. But you should always choose alive worms for perch fishes.

Insect larvae

As alive lures work the best, you can also use insect larvae for ice fishing. Any kind of insect larvae will work for you. Finding insect larvae is also easier. Also, insect larvae work better than any artificial lures.

2) Ice flies

You will get a lot of options available for ice flies. The attractive colors and shapes never fail to attract perch fishes. Using ice flies can make the perch fishing effortless for you.

3) Small spoons

Small jigging spoons can allure perch fishes. Fishes think these as their prey and come nearby to feed themselves. As a result, you can catch a whole school of perch fish using small spoons. These are known to be very effective in catching perch fish.

Ice fishing perch at night

You might think that ice fishing perch during night time is easy. Many of us think that as night has a calm and serene environment, it is easier to catch perch at night. But truth to be spoken, night time is not that suitable for ice fishing.

As there is less light during night time, the perch fishes do not come upside to feed. Moreover, due to the low temperature, they prefer to stay down. Especially if you want to catch yellow perch, it’s tougher to catch at night.

You have to consider a lot of things if you set your mind up to catch perch in ice fishing at night. The success rate is really low to catch perch at night, especially if you are a beginner with fishing, it’s tougher. It’s not that you can’t really catch any perch at night.

You can catch perch fish at night, but the success rate will be lower than the daytime. Moreover, catching perch at night is a slow process. But you can get a few unique baits along with regular lures for your night perches. Here are a few of those:

  • Fathead minnows
  • Artificial crayfish
  • Shad
  • Marabou jig

Ice fishing perch in shallow water

Catching perch in shallow water might be a little bit difficult. But it’s easy too if you follow a few specific tricks. You might think what’s so different required to catch perch on shallow water.

But without correct gear, you won’t be able to catch even a single fish in shallow water because perches are very fast to move out. Walleye gear helps a fisher to get the big perch fishes on shallow water.

Shallow water perch also need a different lure than usual. Minnows are usually used to catch a large number of perch fishes in shallow water, but an alternative can target big perch fishes.

If you are not happy with your average perch sizes, you can move on to worms. As we have said before, alive worms are greatly beneficial to catch perch, even in shallow water.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

You have got a lot of pieces of information about ice fishing perch. But there is no end to learning. That’s why to make you more clear on this, we have brought this section. After getting the answers to some frequently asked questions, the whole idea will be more clear to you. Let’s begin!

Where do perch like to hang out?

You will get a big perch in a deeper area of water. But small schools tend to be in the shallow water area.

What is the best bait for perch ice fishing?

There are many baits that work amazingly for perch ice fishing. But ice fishing jigs are known to be the most effective one.

Where can I find big perch ice fishing?

Big perch usually roam in the deeper water. So if you want to catch a big perch, you have to set a long rod.

How deep do perch go in the winter?

Perch do not go that much deeper into the water. But big perch fishes are likely to be found in quite deep water and small perch fishes in shallow water.

In what depth can I find perch in winter?

During winter, perch fish can be found within 19 to 36 feet of water.

Wrapping up

Now that you have read this article thoroughly, you have been acknowledged by a lot of information on ice fishing perch. We have tried to provide you every essential info that you should know. But yet, if you have any other things to know, ask the local fishermen.

We would suggest you check the weather update of that area before going on fishing. Otherwise, keep every information in mind and buckle up! You are on the way to make your perch fishing awesome!

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