Best Weedless Wacky Hook

Best Weedless Wacky Hook

There are few lures more versatile for bass anglers than a wacky worm. It’s a clear favorite when it comes to casting into heavy cover. In the article below, you’ll learn which weedless wacky hooks are a must-have addition to your tackle box. The best weedless wacky hooks are the Harmony Razor Series, the Berkley Fusion19, an offset worm hook …

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7 Best Fishing Umbrella For Sale

Fishing umbrella

Everyone is familiar with umbrellas. As we all know, it’s one of the most common accessories of our daily lives. The necessity of umbrellas is clear especially when it’s the rainy season or during extreme heat in summer. Umbrellas were first designed in order to protect people from rain or scorching sunlight from above. With time the designs and appearance …

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11 Best Underwater Ice Fishing Camera For Sale in 2022

Underwater Ice Fishing Camera - Featured

Ice fishing is one of the most popular wintertime activities in the United States and Canada. The best way to catch fish beneath the ice is by using the right bait. One of the easiest ways to find out if your bait is working is with one of these best underwater ice fishing camera’s. Today we’ll cover some of the …

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Penn Battle III Spinning Fishing Reel Review (2022)

Penn Battle II Fishing Reel (side) Thumbnail

A fishing reel is one of the most important and necessary things you need to start fishing. And Penn Battle III Saltwater Spinning Fishing Reel is one of the very best fishing reels under a relatively tight budget. Let’s talk about its features, things we like about it and some technical details. Penn Battle is renowned for its saltwater spinning …

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7 Tricks to Keep Ice Fishing Holes from Freezing in 2022

how to keep Ice fishing hole from freezing Featured

Ice fishing can be fun if you are not constantly kneeling down to dig your ice fishing hole repeatedly! Ice holes tend to freeze up every once in a while. So, how to keep an ice fishing hole from freezing up? The easiest way to keep ice fishing holes from freezing up is warm water. Use warm water to melt …

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Top 10 Dunnville Ontario Fishing Spots to Go Fish in Canada

10 Dunnville Ontario Fishing Spots

Whether you are searching for a spot to catch some fish, or just looking for a nice place to enjoy the scenery and relax with friends, Dunnville has plenty of options. Whether you want to spend time on the water catching trout or bass, or hiking through nature in search of animals and plants that can’t be found anywhere else, …

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Lowrance Elite 9 Ti2 Fish Finder Review | Buying Guide

Lowrance Elite 9 Ti2 Thumbnail

I am a fishing fanatic and I love to go out on the boat as much as possible. One of my favorite items that I always keep with me is the Lowrance Elite 9 Ti2 Fish Finder Review. This unit has been around for years, and it’s still one of the best fish finders on the market today. It features …

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Here’s How To Ice Fish For Trout Like A Professional

How to ice fish for trout featured

Ice fishing is simple, and fishing trout is simpler. Ice fishing becomes more enjoyable if your target is catching trout for you. This article is to let you know about how to ice fish for trout. With the right equipment, catching trout is easier. All it requires is to learn some simple techniques. If you are worried that you will …

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Intex Explorer K2 Kayak 2-Person Inflatable Kayak In 2022

Intex Explorer K2 kayak

Intex offers an additional one-year warranty so that customers are covered against defects both during use and when they store their paddleboardKayaking is a fantastic activity for people of all ages, and Intex understands this. The company has been making affordable kayaks since 1970, and the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak model is one of their most popular options. With its …

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How To Hook A Minnow Like A Pro

How to hook a minnow

A minnow is commonly referred to a small-sized fish which is often used as bait for fishing. Since they are food for predatory fish, live minnows are excellent bait for most fishermen. To use this fish properly as bait for getting the most desirable result, it is necessary to learn ways to hook it. A minnow needs to be hooked …

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