Shimano Clarus Spinning Rod

Shimano is a name associated in fishing equipment with some of the best rods and reels on the market. The Shimano Clarus Spinning Rod is a favorite amongst anglers due to it’s light weight and versitility. 

Below you’ll find a breakdown review of Shimano’s Clarus spinning rod. From showcased features to design flaws, everything you need to know can be found here. Keep reading to learn what kinds of fishing these spinning rods are good for and what you can expect if you buy one. 

Shimano Clarus Spinning Rod

Features of the Shimano Clarus Spinning Rod

Shimano has many different lines and models of fishing rods that are considered the top of the line for their price range. However, the Shimano Clarus has several distinct features that make it a good choice for anglers who need a spinning rod for versatile fishing. 

Headlamp for Fishing

Here are some of the best features of the Shimano Clarus spinning rod: 

  • Seven model options: There are seven different models for the Shimano Clarus spinning rod of varying lengths and weights. This makes it easy to choose a model that best fits your style of fishing. 
  • Strong but light graphite construction: The Shimano Clarus spinning rod features a 30-ton graphic construction that manages to be both sensitive and resistant to damage. This makes it a useful rod for packing in and out of the backcountry. 
  • Shimano custom reel seat: The Shimano Clarus rod has a custom reel seat that perfectly fits a Shimano reel. This strong reel seat helps keep the reel balanced and attached securely to the rod itself. 
  • Aluminum oxide guides: The aluminum oxide guides used in the Shimano Clarus rod are designed for minimal friction. This improves the rod’s durability as well as its maximum casting distance.   
  • G Alpha grip surface technology: The grip of the Shimano Clarus rod is designed with a grip surface that makes the rod ultra-comfortable to use. This makes it a good rod for long hours of fishing. 
  • Action versatility: The Shimano Clarus rod is designed for medium-heavy action. This makes it a useful rod for a wide variety of different fishing conditions and species. 

The features listed above are why Shimano spinning rods are prized in the angling world. But what advantages do these features offer? 

Advantages of the Shimano Clarus Spinning Rod

There are tons of different fishing rods available for sale, but the features of the Shimano Clarus rod help set it apart and provide benefits that can’t be found with other models. These are some of the advantages of using a Shimano Clarus spinning rod.

  • Affordability: Shimano Clarus has some of the highest-quality rods available for their price point, offering the same durability and versatility as more expensive rods at a much more affordable cost. This allows anglers to invest in additional rods for different lure setups.
  • Lightweight and comfortable: By far one of the favorite advantages on offer by the Shimano Clarus rod is how comfortable it is to use. A comfortable rod makes it easy to spend long hours casting without getting fatigued. 
  • Lifetime warranty: Shimano offers a lifetime warranty on their spinning rods, which helps make up for the relative fragility of the rod. If your rod is defective or damaged, it can be shipped back to the company for repair or replacement. 

For the price, Shimano makes one of the best spinning rods on the market. With a durable design that is backed up by the manufacturer, there aren’t many reasons not to at least try this rod out and see how you like the feel of it. 

Disadvantages of the Shimano Clarus Spinning Rod

While there are many benefits of using a Shimano Clarus spinning rod, there are a few disadvantages too. Here are a few of the noted drawbacks associated with this rod

  • Fragility: Even though the Shimano Clarus is reported to be relatively durable, other users report that it has a tendency to break during tough bouts against stronger species of fish. 
  • Storage difficulties: The long rod design of the Shimano Clarus makes this rod unwieldy to either store or transport, especially since it can’t be folded into a more compact, portable size. 
  • Slow repair services: Even though the Shimano Clarus spinning rod comes with a lifetime warranty and can be shipped back to the manufacturer for repairs, the company’s repair services can be very slow. Some users report the company taking up to six weeks to return their rod after sending it in for repairs. 
  • Small guides: The small guides on the Shimano Clarus rod can make it easy to get your fishing line tangled up if you use bigger lead weights with your fishing setup. 

The responsiveness and lightweight design of the Shimano Clarus spinning rod comes at a cost. The same design choices that make this spinning rod comfortable and cheap to own can also make it a hassle if it gets broken during use or transport. 

What Fishing Line Should Be Used With a Clarus Rod?

The Shimano Clarus spinning rod is designed to be used with fishing line that is weighted from ten to twenty pounds. This versatility makes it a smart option for both small fighting fish like trout as well as larger fish like walleye and pike. 

What Kind of Fishing Is the Shimano Clarus Good For?

Shimano Clarus spinning rods can be used in several kinds of fishing conditions and scenarios. Here are just a few of the situations that are a good match for a Shimano Clarus.

  • Long cast bank fishing: The casting distance on the Clarus makes it a suitable rod for bank fishing since it’s easy to cast the rod beyond any shoreline vegetation that might hang up your lure. 
  • Bouncing on the bottom: Since the Clarus has such a high level of responsiveness, it’s a good rod for bouncing bait or lures along the bottom of a riverbed or creek. The lightweight quality of the rod makes it easy to distinguish between obstacles on the bottom versus the strikes of hungry fish. 
  • Jigging: Along with bouncing on the bottom, the Clarus can also be a good match for jigging trout and other fish with swift, jerky, vertical movements of the lure. 

No matter which type of fishing you like to do best, chances are a Shimano Clarus spinning rod would be a useful addition to your angling arsenal. 

Shimano Clarus Offers Value for the Money

Even though it does have a few design flaws due to its lightweight nature that make it vulnerable to breakage, the Shimano Clarus is a generally high value for the price point of the rod. Thanks to its versatility and comfortable design, it’s a rod from a reputable company that conforms well to many fishing techniques.

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