7 Best Places For Ice Fishing In Michigan

Ice Fishing in Michigan

Ice fishing can be a relaxing outdoor time-passing activity for you if you are truly ready for adventure. If you are ice fishing in Michigan, your eye will spec nature’s utmost beauty too.  “Fishing isn’t an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it” – Harry middleton Best Places for Ice Fishing in Michigan The feeling of being …

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5 Best Lakes for Ice Fishing in North Dakota

Ice fishing in North Dakota

Ice fishing has become a prevalent and relaxing past time for millions of people across the world. Earl Dribbles Jr. said- “When nothing is going right Just go fishing.” -Earl Dribbles Jr. Ice fishing can remind you how little life’s problems are. It can help you to relax and to do something new. The feeling of being an angler can …

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How to Make an Ice Fishing Hole? 5 Easy Ways

How to dig an ice hole - featured

If you are trying to ice fish, let me guess what you are most struggling with is digging a hole in the ice. Digging a hole mostly depends on what you are using to dig and what method you are using. The best way to deal hole in the ice is to use an auger because it’s the least time-consuming. …

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15 Essential Ice Fishing Safety Tips | Must Follow

Essential Ice Fishing Safety Tips (featured)

If you are a fan of ice fishing, you already know how fun it can be! But I must warn you that fishing in ice comes with its own risks too. From going under the icy water to breaking a bone, all sorts of risks should be considered while ice fishing. But hold on, need not worry yet! Here are …

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